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South Yorkshire Naturists, serving naturism in South Yorkshire & the north Midlands.

News - Bare All For Polar Bears, Fri 13 July, sign up now, see Yorkshire Wildlife Park website -  

News - I read a fascinating article the other day, women in naturism & body confidence, read the link - . It also has some 'first time' stories.

New Event - Nude Yoga 14 April - see below.


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About Us

South Yorkshire Naturists

< This is a photo of the jacuzzi at the Dome Oasis Spa.

- is for those interested in naturism in and around South Yorkshire and activities undertaken in a naturist environment; including naturist spa nights at Doncaster Dome Oasis Spa, which have been running since 2014.

We are also about body positivity, body acceptance, increasing self confidence and centering on ourselves, to be who we really are; liberated and unashamed.

We are open to all but hope to have a good gender balance and promote social naturism in a relaxing environment along with other activities, including naturist sauna and spa, swimming, massage, yoga, BBQ's, other indoor and (weather permitting) outdoor activities, including camping trips and nights away.

We are not a club, there is no membership. We are not for profit naturist events organisers. If you want to come along, get in touch.

Headlines 2017 - 73 guests attended the Spa Night, 25 were new to naturism or the event, 21 have attended 10 or more times. 

Thank you to everyone for your continued support.

Our Links

In addition to organizing and hosting our own events we will also promote local naturist events and provide a platform for information.

We intend to have both open events and events for couples and special interest groups. We have hosted a nude kundalini yoga workshop, massage workshops, couples massage workshops and under consideration are tai chi workshops, a life drawing session and Ginny & Chris have been running photography sessions - Spot The Difference. 


I am happy to consider ideas for Naturism in South Yorkshire and also please let me know of any events you are organizing or hosting.

South Yorkshire Naturists is focused on events in the North of England and whereas you don't have to reside in South Yorkshire to attend, it would make sense for you to be able to travel to the events that you were interested in.

Best wishes and stay naked


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Activities/Events 2018

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Information for First Timers

Just Do It

Remember that we were all first timers once!

< This is a photo of the Dome Oasis Spa. There is a spiral staircase connecting a balcony to the sun terrace at the top, behind the dark rim. The steam room is inside the smaller top tier. There is an internal staircase as well. You don't have to run up, outside, naked!

We understand how you might be feeling. But you must be curious about naturism otherwise you wouldn't have found the link to this website and be reading this. There is a lot of information on the web, if you have time to look. We are here serving South Yorkshire. But people travel to our events, from Manchester, Cumbria, Newcastle, Hull, Nottingham, Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, Sheffield, even Dublin! 

Email me if you wish - . I will try help and reassure you as best I can. But the best advice I can offer is - just do it. You really will wonder why you hesitated so long.

Finally, we are also about body positivity, body acceptance, increasing self confidence and centering on ourselves to be who we really are; liberated and unashamed.


Does it hurt? No. After the first 30secs you will wonder why you had been so worried.

How many people go to the Oasis Spa? We average 20.2, we have had as many as 31 and a few as 9, max capacity 40. Typically a third female.

What do I need to bring with me? A smile, a £1 coin for the locker, flip flops, a towel to sit on in the sauna and on the chairs and to dry off when you get changed at the end of the evening.

Do I have to be naked? Well yes, with the appreciation ladies may wish to wear bikini bottoms at certain times. You could wrap a towel around you or wear a robe if that would make you feel more comfortable. Although it will get very wet in the steam room.

And? yes, there are those that are tattooed, smooth, pierced. Its all a part of  body acceptance.

Reluctant Partners

This is a phenomena of the naturist lifestyle but I recently came across this article online that might help in encouraging a reluctant partner. Essentially naturism starts at home.

First Time Experiences

First Time

Jan 18 - Just a note to say thanks for the warm welcome last night to the Dome Spa night, also to everyone else there who made me feel so welcome for my first visit. 

I wasn't sure what to expect but I was determined not to 'chicken' out and I'm glad I didn't. The experience was nothing short of warm and friendly. The only issue is remembering everyone's name....

I'll certainly be coming again and hope at some point to be able to convince the Mrs to come along too, in the meantime thanks again for making a first timer so welcome.

< this is the Oasis Spa changing room, where you will leave the trappings of your textile world behind you. You will have come in through the door from the left, over the bridge above the swimming pools and main entrance and will go out to the right to enjoy the spa, naked.

Jan 18 - Went along to the dome on Saturday. While I’ve done naturist beaches for years, I’ve also done a couple of nude events over the last couple of years and met some amazing people. These friends persuaded me to come along to the Dome..... loved it! Great company, great atmosphere, and just the thing to unwind after a stressful week. Naked? Didn’t really notice.

Jan 18 - I have some friends in Hull & more in Leeds area who are all comfortable being naked, Doncaster gave us the perfect excuse to get together. I was unsure what to expect of my 1st time at this event. I was delighted to find it very relaxing and sociable. I spent more time talking to strangers than I did worrying about being naked. I had no clothes on but I don’t feel naked, I will definitely be back.

First Time

I just wanted to say how welcoming and relaxed the event last night was. As a first timer I was naturally nervous but I have to say, I felt very comfortable amongst everyone. The facilities are very nice and the people who attended very friendly. 

First Time

Having never done anything like this before I was naturally very nervous. I emailed John, enquired about the spa nights at Doncaster Dome and I decided to book it. I'm so glad I did. My nerves disappeared as soon as i saw everyone else taking their clothes off. It looked and felt so natural. They didn't care about being naked in front of others and so I instantly felt more reassured. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed. I never once felt out of place. After a very short amount of time I found myself smiling and wondering what I had been so worried about. I even forgot I was naked at one point! I spent weeks thinking about whether I could do it, if I should do it and not really knowing what to expect but once I arrived and had taken my clothes off I never looked back. I'm so glad I decided to do it. I instantly felt more comfortable about myself and not once did I feel like I needed to cover myself up.

First Time

"I have been a naturist for many years although because of our climate I have often found opportunities limited in this country.

To make the most of the opportunities that do exist, I have travelled to various groups and clubs throughout the north of England. In my view the Doncaster Dome Naturist Spa nights are an excellent way to meet and relax with other naturists in the most friendly environment you could imagine. 

Although I enjoy naked swimming clubs you often find that you don't really meet other naturists as you keep passing them in the pool or maybe have just a few minutes together in the sauna.

If you want a chat, get to know other people and become more confident about your naturism and yourself then the Doncaster nights are perfect.

If you want to try naturism but aren't yet sure about being naked around other people then believe me you will very quickly feel comfortable with the Doncaster group.".

First Time

As relative newcomers to naturism we had been to nude beaches abroad but were a bit apprehensive about getting naked in a social situation at home. My wife was particularly nervous.

After meeting John at another event he was so friendly and enthusiastic he really put us at ease so we made our first visit to Doncaster. We were warmly welcomed and everyone was so nice, after a little while you will completely forget you are naked and enjoy the facilities and company. A few people bring drinks and nibbles so it's like an indoor picnic!

We will now be attending regularly and feel like we have met new friends. So give it a try, what have you got to lose apart from your clothes?

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